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01. What is the difference between modular and standalone Reap products?

Reap products are differentiated into two categories: modular or standalone. Place a standalone product (e.g. the Ice

Tower, Bouncer etc.)to your location or Sports Park to add more variety, challenge and attraction to it. Some products 

(i.e. Roller) can be attached to the Bouncer.The modular products can be connected to each other in any order shape and form. 

02. Are Reap products suitable for commercial use?

The products are made of extra strong PVC material and stainless steel parts designed especially for commercial use 

in all bodies of water and climates. 

03. What parameters do I need to consider when choosing the right combination for my pool?

Water depth, budget, pool dimensions and how many people you want to entertain. We are happy to help you with this!

04. How is the minimum water depth calculated?  

The formula is: height of product + average height of a person (1.80m or 5.90') divided by 2. You can find all minimum

water depths in the product section.

05. How do you inflate/deflate?

The Electric Pump will make inflation quick and simple. You can also deflate with the same Electric Pump. In addition a 

hand pump can be used for some of the smaller sized products.

06. How do we  know what the correct air pressure is?

A manometer pressure gauge included with the Electric Pump indicates the correct working pressure.

07. Does Reap need a constant air pump for inflation?

The products do not use constant air inflation instead the products only need to be inflated once as they are sealed.

08. How are the modular Reap products connected to one another?

With 2 Connector Straps and 1 Safety Flap. The two Connector Straps are attached to anchor plates located underneath

the products then the Safety Flap is placed over the two products and fixated through Velcro. Straps and Flap are 

included with the Reap products that can be connected.

09. How long does it take to setup the products?

As an example an AquaTrack (6 products) can be set up in less than 30 min by two people.

10. How are the Reap products anchored in pools and open water?

By using Reap Bungees (3m/9.8ft) in pools to either race lane connector, ladder, start block or even suction cups. In open 

waters use for example heavy weight anchors made from concrete. The Reap Bungees 2m / 6.ft that are pre-installed on 

various Reap products will work as shock absorber a keeping the products perfectly in position.

11. How are the products shipped?

The products are shipped in a double layered cardboard box. They are covered with a transport bag that can be used to 

store the products. We can provide various forms of transport via truck, air or sea freight through various carriers etc.

12. What accessories are included?

Each product includes an instruction manual (assembly, security, anchoring, information etc), a repair manual and a 

repair kit (glue, PVC-material) for carrying out minor repairs, if necessary.

13. How long is the guarantee and what is covered?

We grant a guarantee of 3 years on seams, valves and PVC material. Find further information, in our General 

Business Terms.

14. What do I need to know about safety?

All Reap products comply with state of the art safety standards recognized world wide. All materials, test methods, 

consumer information, and specific safety requirements comply with European Norm: EN 15649. These are regularly

tested by the world wide known German TÜV.

15.What does Reap 's 3 year guarantee cover ?

Reap garantees the correct workmanship its products (inflatbles , spares parts,merchandising articless etc.) for a 

period of 3 years . Should a defect occur under this guarntee, Reap will either repair the products or offer replacement 

products .

16.How to fix the inflatable products?

Inflatable quadrilateral has windproof button, you can use the fixed ropes and sandbags according to site conditions.

17.What are your terms of payment ?

Western Union ,T/T, 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before delivery.

18.How long is your delivery time ?

Usually is 7 to 15 working days after receiving the deposit .

19.How to install the products ?

We will provide the installation instructions and the will supply you the video ,showing you how easy to install .

20.What comes included with the purchase of an inflatable game?

All units come with a repair kit, ground trap , owner’s manual, with photo CD and set up  instructions.

21.What is the warranty on your inflatables ?

All off our inflatables come with a industry leading there year warranty , make sure you check our terms & conditions for 

full details. Accessories have one year and blowers and third party items warranties are handled by their by respective 


22.How do I clean and maintain an inflatable game ?

For units used outdoors they should be cleaned and inspected after each use , never put units away wet, damp . Use 

mild soap to clean muddy areas. Inside units should be inspected daily , dusted and vacuumed weekly . Check blowers

for free air flow and remove any collected dust off air intake screen.

23.We have a unique idea for an inflatable product can you help me?

Yes , bring it to us . Need a non-disclosure from completed we provide . Let us know what you need. We can and do it .

24.How do I expand my brand?

We love when we get this question as the possibilities are limitless.   If is advertising you need or an oversized version 

of you logo or character we can handle it all.   Our imaginative capabilities allow us to design and build structures that 

incorporate a variety of materials, textures and manufacturing techniques.  Partnering with the most innovative, creative 

and knowledgeable inflatable company will provide branding solutions the will guarantee success with your objectives. 

25.If I want a layout of my proposed facility what will I need to provide?

We can work with almost anything, but it helps if you have the basic layout of the building L x W and any odd walls, doors 

and or obstructions within the space, we can work with it.   What is really important is the clear ceiling height.  While we 

have many choices and a huge selection of games,we want to make sure that we are able to provide you with your best 

options to meet your vision.   Not sure what you want in the building, Party Rooms? Adult Spaces? Toddler Areas? 

Concessions?  We can walk you through it all. After all we have been at this for a long time.Only the best for our partners.

26.How do I find more information on inflatable park and how you can assist me ?

Inflatable parks are becoming a phenomena in Europe, South American and other parts of the world.  It’s essentially a

portable traveling event or show that can be moved to different towns and cities around an area.   Think about as it’s a 

Giant Outdoor Party Center.  With a worldwide presence Inflatable Depot has and is involved with some of the 

largest and most successful parks in the world.  What to know more contact one of our experts for more insight.

27. Can you brand my inflatables?   

Yes, we can use your color scheme , add your logo , and even incorporate 3D versions of your character into the design 

of the inflatable .Don’t have a logo ? Theme? Character? We can do it all. 

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