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Requirements of water park building site

1. the ground should be smooth, no potholes, no projection, no hard objects and sharp objects.

2. If the site ground has the sloping field, the maximum drop of the highest and lowest points should no more than 250px.

3, site ground should be solid and has a certain pressure bearing capacity, no easy to sag, no dangling below ground.

Dealing with the hardened site ground

Dealing with the sloped and uneven hardened site ground

1, level measures the maximum, while more than 10 cm measurement need sand leveling (bigger slope and uneven water pressure would make the pool wall sleeve hidden trouble)

2, surrounded by brick or wood bricks for framework to prevent silver sand flowing out (when being paved with a thin layer of sand, you are not require to build the framework)

3, Forklift or artificial paving, leveling, level detects the flatness ; people clean hard stones, wire and other sundries( hidden in the sand bed of sharp stones that may puncture he bottom of the pool) in the silver sand surface

4, laying carpet exhibition or pearl cotton in the sand in order to isolate the pool with silver sand and then you can build a swimming pool

Dealing with soil loosens, uneven site ground

1,Filling pits, demolishing protuberance , leveling the site ground by men or machine. (the bottom of the pool will be unstable with the site ground’s pits, protuberance, which would largely reduce swimming comfort)

2, pick out sharp debris on the ground (avoid puncturing the bottom of the pool)

3, If the soil is very loose, using the road roller to compacted ground (to avoid land subsidence after pouring the water to the pool which leads to the pool steel pipe supporting frame  deformation.

4, After compacting the ground, we can lay the pearl cotton or foam board and color band cloth to build the pool.

Dealing with the soil site ground

Ways for dealing with the soil site ground with much gravel (By using sand burying ground)

1, according to the site, planning the specific placement of the pool, and transporting the silver sand to the site where need to bedding (bedding thicker must assemble as rectangular frame to prevent silver sand flowing out)

2, transporting silver sand by a forklift and men to paved the pool and other places need to be ground. It will be ok by submerging gravel and more than 3 cm (If thickness is thin then we will not achieve the effect of the buried stones)

3, Artificial leveling and using the level to measure drop, the largest drop should not exceed 250px (large gap will lead to uneven water pressure of the pool wall, and cause security risks)

4, people check up and clean up the hard debris on the silver sand surface exposed (to prevent sharp stones puncture the bottom of the pool)

5, putting 2 -- 5 cm thick foam board on silver sand and adhere them as a whole by scotch tape  (to isolate the pool direct contact with the ground resulting in friction, also increase the comfort of tourists’ feet in the pool )

6, put a layer of color band cloth on foam board(Avoid producing adhesion when the pool is touch with cystosepiment)

7, You can build the pool after everything is ready

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